Selam was born and raised in Los Angeles. Her passion for nature started at a young age when her grandmother would share stories about her childhood living in the villages surrounded by farm animals in Kokobay, Eritrea. Her grandmother consistently recycles, reuses, and upcycles in her everyday life; the last piece of clothing she purchased was over twenty years ago. These stories influenced Selam, and she decided in order to help the environment, she needs to practice sustainability, just like her grandmother does. Since then, some of Selam’s goals are to live in a modern-day cottage and become zero waste. She is majoring in Geography with a focus on environmental geography at California State University of Long Beach. Selam is excited to be working with Grades of Green and help students achieve their environmental goals. She believes it is important for the younger generation to be aware of what is happening in the environment and that they can be a positive impact.