In the spirit of eco-competitions and the new year, Grades of Green decided to host a Zero Waste Week Challenge between our Los Angeles and New York-based offices to see which group could create the least amount of waste over the first week of 2018! Both offices collected all of their trash and recyclables to be weighed and the number of pieces to be counted at the end of the week.

After conducting a litter audit report, we decided that there was a tie between both offices!

Although the Los Angeles office had less weight, the New York office had less pieces of trash. Both office teams utilized eco-friendly strategies such as buying food in bulk, using reusable items, attending farmers markets, and refusing single use items when possible. Check out the stats below:

Los Angles

# pieces: 60+

Weight: 1.5 pounds

New York

# pieces: 48

Weight: 4.5 pounds

Interested in creating a zero-waste movement? Tune into Grades of Green’s live Facebook webinar on February 1st to learn how you can start a movement of your own!