Columbus Tustin Middle School from Tustin, California won this year’s Water Campaign. This ambitious, grand prize winning team saved water through many practical means on campus. They greatly reduced the amount of water needed to wipe down tables after their science course demonstrations. Their school reduced the number of gallons needed to wash their equipment from 100 gallons of water down to 3 gallons of water. The team impressed teachers and students through their creative solution and willingness to serve their community and environment.

But that’s not all!

Four other Water Campaign teams won awards as well!

Grand View Elementary School from Manhattan Beach, California won the “Best Elementary Impact” award.

Malezi Community Centre from Nairobi, Kenya won the “Best Alumni GOG Team” award.

South Junior High School from Anaheim, California won the Best Community Changemakers award.

– and lastly, The South Bay Team from all over Southern California won the “Best Innovative Idea” award

Please congratulate our students for their terrific efforts! Want to join them? Sign up for this year’s Waste Campaign HERE