Grades of Green has always known second term Youth Corps student, Grace
Cortese, was a rising green star. Indeed for her green work last year, she won
the White House’s Champions of Change award and got to personally meet
President Obama!  Now it looks like all
the world will get to see what an inspiration Grace is for themselves, as Grace
will be starring in a Verizon commercial. The Verizon
commercial Cutting our Carbon Intensity
was released at the beginning of this month, showcasing Verizon’s commitment to
the environment by measuring its carbon footprint and streamlining its

Grace was selected to appear in the commercial because of her
efforts to lead the charge to a more sustainable future. For the past two years
she organized electronic-waste drives at her school, collecting more than 6,000
lbs of e-waste each year and earning money towards buying solar panels.
Additionally, she has raised money to save the Polar Bears and to purchase
malaria nets, fundraised for the Westside Food Bank and NRDC, encouraged her
peers to care for the environment by posting “Green Tips” around her school,
and implemented worm composters at her school. “Once I started thinking about
the environment, I couldn’t believe that I could do so much – just me. We can
all do much more than we think we can,” she explained in Verizon’s film
clip.  She has done well for herself, but
the surprising fact? She is twelve years old!
Grace herself is proof that it takes only one person to awaken change,
and that as people across the world work together to care for the environment
we can truly make a difference for our planet. We can hardly wait to see the
change that Grace inspires next!