The 2016-2017 Youth Corps Eco-Leadership Program is well underway, and the 64 student leaders assembled for their first Meet-Up of the year at Environmental Charter High School.  Students selected their chosen Grades of Green Activity at Orientation Day, and this meeting was their first opportunity to talk about how their activities are coming along, and to receive guidance and support from their peers and Grades of Green Advisor.  The Meet-Up also included a Leadership Training Workshop for students to learn about how to be a leader and how to cultivate their leadership skills, as well as a tour of the Environmental Charter High School. The tour was led by student ambassadors from the school, and included a visit to the school’s garden, creek, compost system, chicken coop, green house, and bunnies! The event was a ton of fun for the students, and Grades of Green looks forward to our next Meet-Up in January 2017. Interested in learning more about the Youth Corps Eco-Leadership Program? Click here!