Youth Corps Eco-Leaders Explore the Environmental Learning Center

Grades of Green Youth Corps Eco-Leadership program students participated in their last meet-up of the year at the Los Angeles Environmental Learning Center at Hyperion. Students discussed ways to kick-off their Grades of Green Activity with their fellow Youth Corps peers and Grades of Green Advisors. The leadership theme of the day was communication, which included a workshop exploring each students’ “why” and crafting a personalized elevator pitch. Eco-Leaders were also guided through a metrics workshop where they learned about the importance of data collection and reporting their Grades of Green Activity.

The next half of the meet-up was spent exploring, as students were able to go on a tour of the Environmental Learning Center at Hyperion! Through fun and interactive exhibits, eco-leaders learned about where water in LA comes from, how much water we get and use each day, and the best ways we can conserve water use in our daily lives. Middle and high school students went on a tour of the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant to discover the biological and physical processes of cleaning water by separating solids and liquids. It was a fun water science filled day! Take a look at photos from the afternoon here.

Thank you to the incredible sponsors who help us make this program possible: City of Santa Monica Government,  County of Los Angeles 4th district, Continental DevelopmentSubaru PacificKlean Kanteen, Continental Development, Alcoa Foundation, and Grow.

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