Thanks to Grades of Green Youth Corps students Sydney, Drew, Zoe and Kiley, Lunada Bay Elementary School students have learned some new ways to go green! Second graders Sydney and Drew gave a presentation to the two second grade classrooms to educate their peers about the drought, and to encourage them to turn off the tap when they brush their teeth. The students were invited to sign a Turn off the Tap pledge, and every student was gifted with a green toothbrush with a Grades of Green Turn off the Tap logo on it to remind them about their water saving pledge. Zoe and Kiley created a fun skit to present at a school wide spirit assembly encouraging their peers to choose organic fruits and vegetables, and to avoid pesticides. The skit included scenery made from recycled cardboard boxes! Congratulations to these Youth Corps leaders for inspiring and empowering their school community to care for the environment. Interested in learning more about the Youth Corps? Click here!