On October 10th, two Grades of Green Youth Corps students, Lauren S. and Annemarie D., taught Leadership Manhattan Beach a thing or two about how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.  Leadership Manhattan Beach, a local organization, hosted a special class where numerous environmental groups educated the members about the local habitat. Since the mission of Grades of Green is to inspire and empower kids and the broader school community, we decided that the best teachers would be our very own students. Lauren S., a sophomore at Mira Costa High School, has been on the Youth Corps since its inception, six years ago. She quizzed participants to see just how big their carbon footprint was-some had pretty big environmental impacts- and then showed them ways to reduce their environmental footprint. Annemarie, a junior at Marlborough High School, has been on the Youth Corps for five years. She gave an intriguing lesson on healthy dirt, i.e. compost!  Leadership Manhattan Beach was inspired and impressed all while learning a few things about ways to live a cleaner, greener, lifestyle!