We’re thrilled to announce the winners of the 2023-2024 Climate Solutions Campaign! Learn more about the student teams who won Eco-Grants for their incredible environmental impact and those honored for their amazing efforts. You can also relive the fun by watching a recording of our live virtual announcement event!

LAcarGUY International Changemaker Grand Winner – $1,000

GHS Buea
Buea, Cameroon

The first year team, GHS Buea, from Buea, Cameroon had an incredible year by winning our LAcarGUY International Changemakers Award. With leadership from their facilitator Julius Chumbon, the students set out to organize waste sorting practices across their entire school to prevent excess waste from entering landfills. The team then utilized all of their food waste to create compost for trees and plants on their campus while organizing multiple clean-ups. With their Grand Prize Eco-Grant, the team plans to expand their efforts into other schools within their community and develop a nursery to cultivate plants at their school.

Environmental Impact Grand Prize – $1,000

Whitney Eco-Club
Cerritos, CA

Long time participants of Grades of Green’s programs, the Whitney Eco-Club from Cerritos, California had an outstanding year promoting actions of sustainability. This student-led team set out to reduce textile waste by hosting a clothing swap and then creating homemade dog toys that were then donated to a nonprofit at the Subaru Pacific Share the Love Event. The remaining clothing was then donated to a local crisis shelter in order to ensure no item went to waste. Furthermore, the students completed the daunting application to become a California Green Ribbon School. In collaboration with school administration and district staff, the team was awarded the California Department of Education Green Ribbon Silver Award.

Habitat Hero Award – $500

Matungu Community Development Charity
Nairobi, Kenya

Using their Grand Prize Eco-Grant from the 2022-2023 campaign, the Matungu Community Development Charity worked with local community members to plant thousands of indigenous tree saplings, while educating students on the impacts of climate change. Furthermore, the team reduced their food waste using innovative composting techniques such as cultivating larvae of the black soldier fly. Moving forward, the team set an ambitious goal to increase tree coverage by 10% within their community.

Community Champions Award – $500

The Pear Tree Foundation
La Crescenta, CA

Returning for their second year, the Pear Tree Foundation from Crescenta Valley High School continued their efforts of offering composting programs to local elementary schools. With their 2022-2023 Eco-Grant, the student-led group purchased compost bins and provided in-person support to four elementary schools in the community. Through their efforts, the team was able to divert over 1,100 pounds of food waste, educate 6,900 people via press and media, and educate over 4,760 students in their community.

Intersectional Impact Award – $500

Human is Kind Organization
Nyanza, Kenya

The Human is Kind Organization from Nyanza, Kenya had a unique idea to manage waste in their community by creating reusable alternatives to plastic and disposal sanitary pads. In order to spread their message, they also partnered with multiple health clinics to communicate the harmful impact that waste has on the environment. Through their innovative efforts, the team was able to divert over 590 pounds of waste from entering the environment.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Award – $500

Carson, CA

In order to educate students on the impacts of fast fashion, the students at the California Academy of Mathematics and Science conducted a social media campaign in addition to making tote bags from donated clothing. Over the course of many months, the team collected nine 25-gallon trash bags worth of used clothes. The students then took it upon themselves to learn how to sew, in order to create tote bags that could be given to students at their school, while educating them on the impacts of waste.

Planet Protector Award – $250

Kishoka Youth Organization
Mombasa, Kenya

The Kishoka Youth Organization from Mombasa, Kenya had an incredible impact this year by planting mangrove trees and educating students on the impacts of climate change. With a large group of community members and organizations, they planted thousands of trees and organized multiple clean-ups to reduce the harsh impacts of climate change in Mombasa, while giving back to students in their community.

Climate Collaborators Award – $250

The Parallel Projects
Zanzibar, Tanzania and Carlsbad, California

The Parallel Projects is a unique team of students at Santa Fe Christian (SFC) School in San Diego who collaborate with a group at the Lumumba School in Tanzania. Both schools campaigned for better sorting practices in their community. Furthermore, the SFC Club met with local restaurants to promote sustainable plastic alternatives, while Lumumba organized multiple clean ups to work towards a plastic-free environment.

Earth Advocate Award – $250

Little Risers
Agoura Hills, CA

Returning for their second year, the Little Risers from Agoura High School used their Eco-Grant from the 2022-2023 campaign to plant gardens, educate their school on the benefits of sustainable agriculture, and promote the “Kiss the Ground” film. In addition, this incredible team also made pamphlets for students on how to compost, source sustainable products, and mitigate our impact on the environment.

Rookie of the Year Award – $250

Earthlight Ambassadors
Buea, Cameroon

The Earthlight Ambassadors from Buea, Cameroon conducted an incredible outreach campaign to educate their community on how to reduce waste. To spread their message on the benefits of reducing waste, they appeared on radio shows and wrote press releases with various media groups. They also organized multiple school presentations and conducted community outreach campaigns. This resulted in the team reaching over 107,500 people via press, 521 students, and 201 community members.

Honorary Awards

Student of the Year

Colbie Stanek
Chattahoochee High School
Alpharetta, Georgia

Facilitator of the Year

Jean Posada
Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle School
Bayside, NY

International Student of the Year

Hamisi Mohamed
Kishoka Youth Organization
Mombasa, Kenya

International Facilitator of the Year

Julius Chumbon
GHS Buea
Buea, Cameroon

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