The Future is Bright! Planting Gardens to Feed Their Community

Bright Future Kenya Establishing Gardens to Produce Food for the Community

Collins Otiende from Kisumu, Kenya is making a huge impact during his first year as a LAUNCH facilitator. As the founder of his organization Bright Future Kenya, Collins works tirelessly to create projects that will not only reduce the impacts of climate change, but also issues of poverty within his region. This year, he took initiative in his community by helping schools establish edible gardens in order to address ongoing issues of food scarcity. With the help of multiple teachers across Kisumu, Collins and his team have established 8 gardens planting crops such as beans, vegetables, and other various pollinators. All of this was achieved by utilizing Grades of Green’s LAUNCH Garden Series.

In addition to establishing gardens, students in the program took their efforts a step further by planting trees across the community. After using Grades of Green’s Tree Planting Lesson, multiple schools were able to plan and plant hundreds of trees within Kenyan schools. With air pollution being one of the most apparent issues, tree planting has become a common practice due to the positive benefits of reducing surface temperatures, sequestering carbon, and overall providing necessary green spaces for students.

Moving forward, Collins and his organization–Bright Future Kenya–plan to continue their efforts and share their knowledge with additional teachers in the region. With LAUNCH being a quarter stone of their efforts, Collins and his students are creating an incredible impact and helping change the world for the greener.