Camela Ott


Camela Ott was born and raised in Rockford, Illinois until the age of 13 when her family moved to northern California. She enjoyed a very happy childhood with her parents and three siblings. Dr. Ott obtained her BS degree from California State University – Chico, and then returned to the Midwest for medical school at Chicago Medical School. She spent the next thirteen years specializing in Internal Medicine striving to protect the health of her patients and prevention of illness at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, and then Motion Picture and Television Medical Group in Santa Monica. During that time, she married her medical school sweetheart, Mark Bell and they made their home in Manhattan Beach. In 2002, they started a family with the birth of their first son, Luke. Camela enjoyed the challenge of striking just the right balance of practicing medicine full time and being a mother. However, soon after the birth of their second son Dominic, she decided to cut back from practicing medicine full time and focus on being a stay at home mom.

Through her sons’ school, Camela became involved in Grades of Green, for which she docents. With fun classroom activities, she helps kids learn to be conscious of conservation, the 3Rs, and helping preserve and protect our most precious resource – our ocean. Dr. Ott now balances teaching with Grades of Green, providing volunteer medical services through South Bay Family Medical Center, a genuine love for cooking and creating healthy wholesome foods, family travel, homework duty with the boys, and chauffeuring to a myriad of activities every day. Her family enjoys a beach lifestyle – all the boys love surfing and being in the ocean and the family strives to live an eco-minded lifestyle. Becoming more active with Grades of Green is a privilege, and a meaningful way to continue to help people be healthful, and sustain our environment. Creating good habits in today’s youth is the right decision for our planet, and Camela is proud of committing to that endeavor.

Camela likes that we are protecting our environment by instilling our youth with good, lifelong, eco-friendly habits.

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