Educators! Welcome to LAUNCH Eco-Toolkits!

LAUNCH is designed to give teachers and students the tools needed to make an everlasting environmental impact. This page equips educators with resources to lead students through our ready-made Eco-Toolkits. Although the Eco-Toolkits on this page are written for K-5th educators, all age groups and grade levels are welcome to participate and are eligible for Educator stipends.

Educators will be able to:

  • Spark students’ interest in the environment
  • Explore flight-ready lesson plans
  • Use project worksheets & resources
  • Develop students’ life-long leadership skills

Educator Stipends:

Educators can earn a LAUNCH stipend by collecting leaves. Look for the Eco-Level indicated by the number of leaves on each toolkit. The top leaf earner will receive a Grand Leaf Winner certificate and higher stipend!*

  • Earn 10 leaves by completing a minimum of 3 toolkits and receive a $100 stipend
  • Earn 20 leaves by completing a minimum of 6 toolkits and receive a $250 stipend
  • Earn 30 leaves by completing a minimum of 9 toolkits and receive a $500 stipend

To qualify for LAUNCH stipends, educators must:

  1. Register for the LAUNCH Program
  2. Submit Results wrap up form with pictures and/or video with Consent/Permission Form for all students in photos/videos – must show multiple students using the toolkit and how you reached others
  3. Ages of students must be 18 or under
  4. End of program: Complete Stipend Form and Program Feedback form at the end of the school year
  5. Limited number of stipends are available
  6. Plan to sustain each toolkit – new Q on every wrap up form.

*GOG has the right to qualify or disqualify LAUNCH users for stipends 

**District Program/UPLIFT users have a separate stipend program/process and do not qualify for LAUNCH Stipends, see (x) page for more information

*Note: All toolkit wrap up forms for stipends are subject to review by Grades of Green to determine qualification. Educators are limited to a single stipend.

Get Started!

These Eco-Toolkits are specifically designed for teachers to help students make an everlasting environmental impact. Get started with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Check out the Eco-Toolkits below to find the perfect project.
  2. Register your group and start using the Eco-Toolkit(s)! 
  3. Submit your results on the wrap-up form provided in your Eco-Toolkit.

Grades of Green LAUNCH Eco-Toolkits align with Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs) within the Performance Expectations of NGSS for all grade levels.

Have questions or need help? Please contact our amazing Program Advisors!

LAUNCH Toolkits