Educators! Welcome to LAUNCH Eco-Toolkits!

LAUNCH is designed to give teachers and students the tools needed to make an everlasting environmental impact. This page equips educators with resources to lead students through ready-made Eco-Toolkits. Although the Eco-Toolkits on this page are written for K-5th educators, all age groups and grade levels are welcome to participate and are eligible for Educator stipends.

Educator Stipends:

Thank you for being part of our pilot year of LAUNCH – you’re amongst the first to implement these Eco-Toolkits! We would love your feedback, so for this year, we’re offering the following stipends for Educators:

  • Complete three Eco-Toolkits and receive a $100 stipend
  • Complete five or more and receive a $300 stipend

How to Receive Your Stipend:

  1. Complete this Google form.
  2. Lead students through your selected Eco-Toolkit.
  3. Complete the wrap-up form at the end of the Eco-Toolkit.
  4. Complete a short feedback form to help Grades of Green make LAUNCH even better!
  5. Stipends will be paid between June and September 2022.*

*Note: All toolkits must be completed before June 15th, 2022 to receive a stipend for the 2021-2022 school year.

Get Started!

These Eco-Toolkits are specifically designed for teachers to help students make an everlasting environmental impact. Get started with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Check out the Eco-Toolkits below to find the perfect project.
  2. Register your group and start using the Eco-Toolkit(s)! 
  3. Submit your results on the wrap-up form provided in your Eco-Toolkit.

Grades of Green LAUNCH Eco-Toolkits align with Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs) within the Performance Expectations of NGSS for all grade levels.

Have questions or need help? Please contact our amazing Program Advisors!

LAUNCH Toolkits