Are you ready to change the world?

Grades of Green UNITE equips youth to address increasingly complex environmental issues and change the course of our future by becoming global leaders and citizens. Students develop international partnerships by engaging in environmental education, cultural awareness, and collaborative projects that promote sustainable practices and an understanding of diverse perspectives across the world.

The UNITE Global Sister School Network is free and available to anyone around the world!

New participants will be paired with one of our existing RISE Climate Solutions Campaign teams to learn more about sustainability and the culture they practice.

Students Will Get the Opportunity to…

  • Make a positive environmental impact in their communities and globally through international partnerships.
  • Learn about cultural differences and similarities across the world through activities, meetings, and project interests.
  • Develop humanitarian values that nurture empathy and environmental respect of communities around the globe.

UNITE: Nigeria

If you would like to connect with schools in Nigeria, the UNITE Global Sister School Campaign is partnering with This Little Light Africa and the Sahel International Support Foundation. Together, Grades of Green and our partners will find you a sister school to spark your global environmental impact!

TLLA is a non-profit corporation that focuses on four areas of support to the underserved in Africa: Water and food, health, education and job creation, and clean energy.
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SISF is a non-profit organization that promotes and supports healthcare, agriculture, education, clean energy, clean water, and environmental programs in the Sahel region of Africa.
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