Students! Welcome to LAUNCH Eco-Toolkits!

LAUNCH is designed to give YOU the resources to lead an environmental impact project through our ready-made Eco-Toolkits. These toolkits are written for 6th – 12th grade students, however, we welcome all age groups and grade levels to participate.

Have a teacher who’s going to help you? Check out our Educator LAUNCH page.

Certificate Levels!

Earn a certificate based on the number of leaves you collect by completing toolkits!

  • Bronze🥉- 7 leaves
  • Silver 🥈- 10 leaves 
  • Gold🥇- 15 leaves
  • Green 🌱- 20 leaves – must include a “series”

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Get Started!

These Eco-Toolkits are specifically designed for students so you can make an everlasting environmental impact. Get started with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Check out the Eco-Toolkits below to find the perfect project for you.
  2. Register your group and start using the Eco-Toolkit(s)! 
  3. Submit your results on the wrap-up form provided in your Eco-Toolkit.

Have questions or need help? Please contact our amazing Program Advisors!

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