Welcome to the UNITE Global Sister School Network

Throughout the UNITE Sister School Network Campaign, you will be working with another group of students in a different country to learn more about how the climate crisis affects people around the world. Both you and your sister  team will teach each other about your respective cultures and find the similarities (or differences) that make you unique! By learning about the climate crisis and each other’s culture, you will gain an understanding of how people live in different environments in addition to what changes you can make in your day to day life to help those around the world!

During UNITE, You Will

  • Meet your sister school during a live zoom meeting or send videos introducing yourselves
  • Learn about the climate crisis and each other’s culture to share with your sister school
  • Pick a collaborative environmental project and a topic of culture to work on together
  • Collaborate on your selected eco-project to reach a goal while sharing about your culture through videos, pictures, or art.


  • September – October
    • Get Ready: Introductions and Kick Off meeting with you and your sister school!
    • Stage 1: Learn about climate topics, culture, and research what life is like at your sister school!
  • October – January
    • Stage 2: Pick climate and cultural projects to collaborate on with your sister school and finalize project selection during your meeting!
  • January – April
    • Stage 3: Begin planning and carrying out your climate and cultural project.
    • Share your progress during each meeting with your sister school and report your impact!
  • April – May
    • Stage 4: Replicate/put together your projects to continue your learning and try something new!

Now, let’s get ready to meet each other and UNITE!

Next Step: Stage 1 – Learn

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