What We Do

We provide students with the mentorship, resources and hands-on leadership training they need to discover their passion and turn it into environmental action.

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How We Do It

Grades of Green provides a pathway of programs to empower and inspire students of all ages and backgrounds to become the environmental leaders of the future. Every program is FREE for students, parents and teachers.

LAUNCH Toolkits

Educators of grades K-5 and students grades 6-12 use flight-ready Project Toolkits to create long-lasting environmental impact

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RISE Campaigns

Student teams grades 6-12 join our year-long Climate Solutions Campaign to tackle local environmental challenges and bring global change

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SOAR Leadership Academy

Students become powerful environmental leaders through one-on-one mentorship

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UPLIFT School District Partnerships

Students & teachers engage in district-wide environmental transformation

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Our Impact

Bills or Resolutions Passed

Meet Our Eco-Leaders

Read about the Grades of Green students who are working to make the world a greener place.

Meet Nicole

Nicole addressed the issue of textile waste at her school to encourage students to upcycle, share textiles, and inspired them to care more about environmental issues.

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Meet Isaiah

Isaiah worked on promoting local wildlife restoration, creating bird sanctuaries, and building water stations in his school.

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Meet St. Roza

St. Roza won the first Water Campaign by developing mulching techniques to reduce water loss in their garden. They used their winnings to create a 40,000 litre well to help their community with water shortages.

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Our Supporters

Thanks to our supporters, Grades of Green’s Eco-Leaders are taking control of their future. Our partners’ generous funding has helped hundreds of thousands of students protect the planet and change the world! Through their support, we can:
• Provide environmental programs for free to students, parents and teachers
• Implement transformational environmental projects across the world
• Award Eco-Grants to expand students’ ongoing impact
• Recognize hardworking educators with much-deserved stipends

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