Since 2009, Grades of Green has been mentoring and equipping students with the knowledge and leadership skills they need to create meaningful environmental changes locally and globally. Despite the multitude of challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we doubled down to create our most impactful program yet: the Climate Solutions Campaign.

Nearly 600 students were empowered to turn their environmental aspirations into a reality during our first ever year-long Campaign that spanned five of the most pressing climate topic areas. By incorporating learnings from past RISE Campaigns, hosting 100% of the program content on our website, and putting environmental justice at the forefront of program design, our students were able to make long-lasting changes in their communities for the greener.

We are so excited to share our students’ stories of impact and know you’ll be as inspired by them as we are.

Download a PDF version of the Climate Solutions Campaign Report 2020-2021 report.