UPLIFT: School District Partnerships

Designed to engage and empower students to lead organics recovery programs across all grade levels through hands-on programs and peer education.

  • Staff Trainings, Teacher Trainings, Principal Presentations
  • Develop implementation plans to support compliance with SB 1383 (California’s state mandated Organics Waste Recycling Bill requiring local education agencies to comply with proper disposal & diversion of organic waste) via experiential, hands-on LAUNCH and RISE programs, available to every grade level.  
  • Organic Waste Compliance Workbook for Districts
  • Eco-Assessment & Organics Audit
  • After school programs, G.A.T.E. program enrichment
  • Environmental programs for every grade level, customized to district’s Green Goals
  • Increase student and teacher engagement and education at every grade level, multiplying community impact
  • Encourage and establish community partnerships

Want to Learn More About District Coordination?

UPLIFT Program Goals

Elevate Communities

Reach and elevate students in environmentally disadvantaged school districts

Staff Training

Provide staff teacher trainings to catalyze and incentivize district Green Goals

Educator Stipends

Engage school communities with Grades of Green’s stipend program


Design and support plans for implementation of student led initiatives

UPLIFT Plan of Action

Step 1: Planning

District Consultation & Goals Identification | SB 1383 Compliance Plan

Step 2: Fact Finding

Eco-Audit & Organics Assessment

Step 3: Support

Recommendation report, implementation plan, team trainings, organics workbook

Step 4: Implementation

Program & project deployment | GOG Team Support

Step 5: Impact Tracking

Record metrics and track impact by individual school and by the District as a whole

Step 6: Celebrate

Celebrate your progress, let your green be seen!

UPLIFT Program Costs and Stipends

All programs are at no cost to participants!

Program Participants are Eligible for Stipends

  • Educators completing LAUNCH toolkits can earn $250-500 stipends
  • Educators who facilitate RISE teams can earn $500 stipends
  • Student participants can win up to $1,000 in RISE Eco-Grants!

Need some help or more information on UPLIFT? Seeking to collaborate or partner?

Contact Grades of Green’s UPLIFT Program Manager, Noelle Bergère (she/they) at noelleb@gradesofgreen.org or schedule a meeting now!