Grades of Green is so excited to share our brand new program with you!  

LAUNCH provides fun and interactive Eco-Toolkits that effectively broaden the environmental knowledge of K-12 students – regardless of their background – and create opportunities for students to engage in activities that make a positive impact in their communities. 

Educators! Stipends are available for completing Eco-Toolkits. Complete this short Google form and head to the bottom of this page for more info.

Now Let’s Get Started!

Check out the Eco-Toolkits below to find the perfect project for you!
Each group of Eco-Toolkits is designed specifically for either teachers or students, but we invite you to check out every toolkit you’re interested in for great ideas to make a lasting environmental impact.

Have questions or need help? Please contact our amazing Program Advisors!

Educator Stipends:

During the 2021-22 school year, educators who complete several of our LAUNCH Eco-Toolkits are eligible to receive a select number of stipends! Complete three Eco-Toolkits and receive a $100 stipend & complete five or more and receive a $300 stipend.

How to Receive Your Stipend:

  • Complete the Google form below 
  • Lead students through each toolkit 
  • Complete the wrap-up form at the end of each toolkit
  • Stipends will be paid between June and September 2022
Complete this short Google form and we’ll be in touch. An Advisor will check in to help you get started!