It’s time for the second year of the Climate Solutions Campaign. Last year was our most successful campaign to date, despite all the challenges of the Coronavirus Pandemic!

We’re currently recruiting for the 2021-2022 Climate Solutions Campaign, so join today!

As always, the Climate Solutions Campaign is FREE for all participants.
Students can win Eco-Grants up to $1,000!

Students: Join Us Today!

Our Students’ Impact

Want an idea of what you’ll achieve? Here are just a few stats detailing the incredible impact our students made during the first Climate Solutions Campaign from 2020 to 2021:

Community Impact

  • Students Engaged: 32,735
  • Press & Media Exposure: 930,126
  • Community Members Engaged: 143,445
  • Growth in Community Members Engaged Above Last Year: 227%

Environmental Impact

  • Trees Planted: 6,608
  • Tons of CO2 Sequestered/Year: 775
  • Pieces of Plastic Litter Removed: 51,518
  • Pounds of Waste Diverted from Landfills: 1,410

Campaign Highlights

  • What It Is: Students will work closely with our Advisors throughout our award-winning Campaign program to…
    1. Become an expert on an environmental issue tied to the climate crisis
    2. Develop a green solution related to that environmental issue to be implemented in their community
    3. Learn to gain community support for their solution from the public, businesses and government leaders
    4. Create meaningful change in their community by implementing their solution
  • Timeline: You can start RIGHT NOW and the Campaign extends through May of 2022. So sign up today!
  • Virtual or In Person: Students can complete the Campaign 100% virtually, allowing solo students and teams to take action wherever they are
Mary Bragg Winners Recognized
So far, the Mary Bragg Green Team has won $1,500 in Eco-Grants! Sign up today, and you could win, too! Photo courtesy of ABCUSD.

Find out what you’ll be doing by checking out the Guidebook!

Students Get The Opportunity to…

  • Take REAL ACTION to combat the climate crisis
  • Meet school service hours virtually
  • Gain experience that is perfect for college resumes and essays
  • Level up their leadership skills through one-on-one mentorship from our expert advisors

Past Student Teams have…

  • Pushed cities to pass city-wide plastic bag bans
  • Helped lawmakers pass state-wide clean air legislation
  • Planted hundreds of trees in their communities
  • Started school-wide composting programs
  • Held energy reduction competitions

Educator Stipends

Educators! Lead a RISE Student Campaign Team through the 2021-22 Climate Solutions Campaign and receive up to a $500 Facilitator Stipend*.

  • Complete two Facilitator Trainings (9/28 at 4pm PST & February date TBD)
  • Fill out evaluation form after each Facilitator Training
  • Work with team to complete all 4 Phases of Campaign
  • Complete Facilitator Feedback Survey after completing the Campaign (May)
  • One Stipend per Team (distributed Summer 2022)

*Educators who received a stipend for the 2020-21 Campaign are eligible to receive a $250 stipend. New Educators will receive $500 stipend

Sound Exciting? Join Us to Help Solve the Climate Crisis!