To Our Partners

Thank you for becoming a partner in SOAR, an innovative green leadership academy. This is a mutually beneficial program where you will assist high school students with your expertise and they will provide you with research and deliverables that can help your organization (or one similar) become more environmentally sustainable. You are one of six organizations chosen to become a part of this program. We hope, with your guidance and support, this program will SOAR to new, eco-innovative heights.

What is SOAR?

SOAR Green Leadership Academy is a forward-thinking program that empowers motivated high school students to lead with an environmental mindset.  Students chosen through an application process will have the opportunity to realize their environmental potential by exploring a variety of industries and learning eco-innovative practices from diverse corporations, organizations, and civic entities. With mentorship and real-world guidance from Grades of Green staff and corporate partners, these students will collaborate together to help develop and drive better environmental standards and outcomes for industries today and for generations to come. Multi-year participation will allow students to grow their leadership skills, expand their projects, and mentor peers. Students will emerge from the program with a broad view of global environmental issues through a corporate lens and will prepare to enter college or the workforce with diverse, sustainable, and innovative perspectives.

In SOAR, students will…

  •  Become conscious environmental leaders
    • High school students gain practical skills and experiences, empowering them to become future eco-conscious leaders.
  • Engage in experiential learning and develop understanding to facilitate industry wide systematic change 
    • Students learn about sustainable practices and environmental alternatives in an industry of their choice 
  • Partner with organizations in eclectic industries to solve real world issues, locally and globally
    • Eco-minded students will unite with peers, partners, and Grades of Green mentors to design and implement an impactful project or multi-year sustainability plan
  • Prepare to enter college or the workforce with sustainable and innovative perspectives
    • Students explore diverse career paths, create networking opportunities, and earn scholarships and internships that lead to a cleaner planet

In SOAR, Corporate Partners will:

  • Contribute to shaping environmentally conscious leaders 
  • Impart experiential learning
  • Support students interests in pursuing related fields
  • Provide mentorship, guidance, and/or networking opportunities
  • Participate in opportunities to award internships and scholarships

SOAR Partner Goal

Our goal through the SOAR Green Leadership Academy is that students can learn about your industry as a whole and how you work as an individual. This will help them receive real-world experience and allow them to gain traction for their future career paths. Ideally, students will tour your facility to directly experience a glimpse of the workforce while understanding any eco-dilemmas your organization or your industry as a whole may face. Students will then break up into groups to research and develop a plan that can serve your organization, or one similar. Students may reach out to you for info or expertise on your industry. You will be an asset to the students but not responsible for leading their group. Students will then present their findings to you through an end of the year presentation. You can then implement this plan, make changes, or have students intern for you and implement this over the summer -or next few years- depending on the plan. 

You and the other partner organizations will meet with the students three times live (orientation, tour, final presentation) and up to three times virtually to provide any assistance or feedback for their eco-plan.  

The timeline below will pin-point the meetings and expectations of your partner organization. 

Benefits of an Eco-Conscious Organization…

There are numerous benefits of becoming more eco-conscious in business. Below are a few articles that explain some of these benefits. However, the main benefit you are providing is helping to develop the next knowledgeable, experienced, eco-aware generation who can then help you create a brighter, greener, more successful workplace in the future.