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Program Offerings

  • ALL PROGRAMS are free for all students, parents and teachers globally
  • STUDENTS will create transformational environmental change in their community
  • ECO-GRANTS available to expand students’ ongoing impact
  • EDUCATOR STIPEND available

LAUNCH – Project Toolkits

  • Short, flexible project timelines – use multiple toolkits in a school year
  • Provide step-by-step project-based lesson plans
  • Choose a toolkit from an eco-topic such as Waste/Water, Energy, Food Transportation, or Plants/Animals
  • Includes teacher-ready materials and guide to use in the classroom
  • Features toolkits designed to put students in the driver’s seat
  • Great for teachers and students K-12, new to Grades of Green or looking for a shorter eco-lesson
  • Access to Grades of Green Advisors

RISE – Climate Solutions Campaign*

  • Extends through the school year
  • Student teams create their own project around an eco-topic
  • Students become an expert on an environmental issue
  • Ideal for 6th-12th grade students
  • Students will…
    • Identify a climate problem
    • Develop a green solution
    • Create community change
    • Enhance leadership skills
    • Meet with environmental experts
    • Meet school service hours
    • Gain experience for college apps
    • Receive ongoing one-on-one support from our Advisors

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Watch this quick overview of this year’s programs: the LAUNCH Project Toolkits and the RISE Climate Solutions Campaign.

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