Your Donations at Work

Every year, we are incredibly proud of the work that our students and teachers do to help change their communities for the greener. Donations to Grades of Green not only support our mission of educating and empowering students to lead environmental change, they also directly support students/teachers through Eco-Grants, stipends, and our programs. 

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Student Eco-Grants

Grades of Green Eco-grants funds prizes ranging from $250 to $1,000 to the most impactful teams in our programs each year. Eco-Grants are designed to be used to further a team’s environmental impact in their community! To fund a student Eco-Grant, click the button below!

Teacher Stipends

Grades of Green teacher stipends directly fund teachers for their hard work of inspiring the next generation of environmental leaders. By participating in our programs, teachers have the ability to earn money to continue supporting students making a global impact. To fund a teacher stipend, click the button below!

Future Leaders

Grades of Green supports future environmental leaders to change the world for the greener. By participating in our programs, students have the chance to develop new skills and make a positive impact in their community. To support future leaders, click the button below!

Free Student Programs

Year after year, Grades of Green provides programs to students and teachers across the world at zero cost! Each dollar you donate goes toward expanding the environmental impacts brought about by these amazing student environmentalists and their dedicated teachers. To continue supporting Grades of Green’s free programs, click the button below!