It’s Earth Month! Support Our Biggest Ask of the Year by Donating to Our Annual Earth Appeal!

Make a Difference

This year, we want to plant the seeds towards a more sustainable environment! During the month of April, we will be sharing all of the incredible projects that our students are doing from around the world. You can support their projects my making a donation to Grades of Green during our 2024 Root For Change Earth Appeal!

This year, we’re adding a special ~twist~ to our Earth Appeal!

  • Make a donation OR show your support during our 2024 Earth Appeal, and you’ll be entered into a giveaway to win 2 Platinum tickets to a LA Galaxy soccer game with free parking. It’s easy! Donate using the link in our bio and/or like, follow @gradesofgreen on your chosen platform, AND share this video on your story/post feed. The tickets can be used at any home game during the 2024 season, except when Los Angeles FC is the opponent. Travel and lodging is not included with the tickets
  • For every $100 donated during our 2024 Earth Appeal, our team will plant something in our home garden 
  • For every $1,000 donated during our 2024 Earth Appeal, our team will cumulatively hike a mile in our favorite location outdoors! 
  • Let us know what our team should do if we raise $10,000 in the comments!

For all of our students, we are also holding some fun competitions:

  • Best Environmental Meme
  • Best Reel/TikTok
  • Best Picture of You In Nature

Your Donations at Work

Every year, we are so proud to support all of the incredible students across the world. Learn how your donation makes a difference by seeing the incredible project our students are working on!

The Greens

Ngalim, a LAUNCH Eco-Toolkit facilitator, is leading six schools across Cameroon’s North West and South West Regions utilizing the lessons from our toolkits. Ngalim is empowering students to become environmental stewards by having them identify climate challenges such as waste management, deforestation, agricultural insecurity, and water scarcity. Then, using Grades of Green toolkits, students are further educated about each topic, inspiring action and commitment to environmental advocacy.

Grades of Green Ambassadors

This year, Grades of Green piloted it’s first ever ambassador program to allow past Eco-Leaders to continue making an impact in their community. Ambassadors, Nkeng Joel Junior and Ayuk Marie Noel, have been leading a combined 9 teams out of Cameroon across various projects to address some of the most pressing environmental concerns such as waste management, pollution, and temperature increases. Some of the projects include tree plantings, waste collection, and waste sorting. Nkeng and Marie have been supporting their teams every step of the way by recruiting, offering on-site support, and supporting students/teachers with their expertise on environmental projects. Click the button below to continue supporting our incredible ambassadors!

SOAR Eco-Leaders

Through Grades of Green’s SOAR Eco-Innovation Academy, students are working with businesses–Northrop Grumman, Beyond Meat, Subaru Pacific, Turner Construction, Build California, and Further Products–to address sustainable solutions to potential environmental challenges. After touring each business, the students have selected their groups and determined the solution they want to address. The students are underway creating their sustainability plans and are scheduled to present their solution to each business in June. Click the button below to support our SOAR Eco-Leaders!