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We guide our students to value sustainable habits & help them inspire others to do the same.

Introducing LAUNCH

Grades of Green is proud to offer a brand new program for the 2021-2022 school year that’s filled with flight-ready project toolkits which allow students from all backgrounds the opportunity to bring about powerful environmental impact in their communities. With toolkits specifically designed for educators of K-5 students and for middle and high school students, the program is perfect to support help young people make a difference in their community.

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LAUNCH Eco-Toolkits

  • Short, flexible project timelines – use multiple toolkits in a school year
  • Provides step-by-step project-based lesson plans
  • Choose a toolkit based on eco-topics such as Waste, Water, Energy, Food, Transportation, Plants or Animals
  • Includes teacher-ready materials and guide to use in the classroom
  • Features toolkits designed to put students in the drivers seat
  • Great for teachers and students K-12, new to Grades of Green or looking for a shorter eco-lesson
  • Access to Grades of Green Advisors

Student and Educators: Are You Ready to LAUNCH?

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