My name is Rylee and I want YOU to take action against plastic pollution and Reduce Your Use!

Plastic pollution impacts everyone. It is a human health issue (pollutes our air, water, and leeches into our land), it’s a social justice issue (it disproportionately impacts poor and minority communities), and it’s a global issue (endangering all species and our planet).

Goals of Reduce Your Use Campaign

  • Educate and motivate the public to reduce the use of single-use plastics
  • Put pressure on corporations that produce and profit from plastics to be financially responsible for their impact on our environment.
  • Push for legislation that will ban single-use plastics and stop the $5.2 trillion in fossil fuel subsidies for plastic producers.

How to Join My Campaign:

  1. Join the Plastic Pollution Solutions Panel on April 1 @ 7pm and register to watch The Story of Plastic documentary
  1. Take action against plastic pollution with these easy advocacy activities:
    • Sign petitions such as Reusable LA’s #SkiptheStuff  and the Plastic Pollution Coalition’s message to Coca Cola about their plastic bottles that support the reduction of single-use plastic
    • Look up and contact politicians (local, state and federal) and demand a reduction in single-use plastics and the end to subsidies for petroleum companies and plastic producers. You can write your own or use our sample letter.
    • Contact the worst polluter, Coca Cola and check out this sample letter.
    • Reduce your use of single-use plastics by:
      • Using a reusable water bottle; bring reusable utensils and straws when you eat out; and bring reusable bags when shopping.
      • Asking for reusable materials from businesses (cloth shopping bags, bamboo utensils)
      • Going to refill stations to reduce plastic purchases; several Los Angeles stores are listed here
      • Speaking up; use your voice to advocate for changes in single-use plastic policies at your local stores and schools!
  2. Further your environmental awareness and education by checking out these awesome websites for more information:

Fast Facts About Plastic Pollution

  • 91% of plastic is never recycled; only 2% of recycled packaging is effectively recycled (turned into something useful).
  • Recycling isn’t a clean process; it releases toxic emissions and greenhouse gases, and can pollute water and soil with chemicals.
  • The 3R solution (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) has a big problem — most consumers focus on recycle (out of sight, out of mind), but it isn’t going away.
Rylee advocating against single-use plastic bags.