SOAR Cultivates Leadership

  • Provides skills and experiences to empower students to become impactful leaders – 9th-12th Grade
  • Extensive mentorship with Grades of Green Advisors and Environmental Experts
  • Collaboration on and implementation of a single project with students of different backgrounds, communities and countries
  • Corporate partnerships that provide internship and experience opportunities at a wide variety of businesses to learn how to lead sustainably

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A Note About Our Program Pathway

A Path Forward

Grades of Green has developed an innovative pathway of programming to fully support students of all ages and backgrounds worldwide on their journey to become passionate environmental leaders of the future.

The Destination

Grades of Green is launching three new programs over the next two years that are free for students, schools and parents which will meet the following objectives:

  • Provide accessible, engaging, educational and impactful environmental project-based programs for students in every grade level
  • Develop and implement programs to be scalable, sustainable, equitable and measurable
  • Build and empower environmental changemakers and leaders to initiate and inspire local communities to make long-lasting impacts
  • Bring students around the globe together to work toward transformative solutions