Celebrate Your Impact

Congratulations! You have made it to the final stage of UNITE! After receiving the results of your collaborative eco-project and final cultural project, look over it with your team and see what you learned.

Learning Into Action

If you and your sister school picked a cultural project that can be replicated, organize a day where your team will put your sister school’s cultural project into practice! For example, you can do the following:

  • Create clothes that represent your sister school’s traditions
  • Cook a recipe that was given to you by your sister school
  • Create a video based on the phrases taught by your sister school
  • Add additional pages to a pictures book/recipe book you made together

If these actions are different from your project, get creative on ways to put your learning into action!

Celebrate Together

Now that you have put your learning into action, it’s time to celebrate your impact! Both teams will have a final Zoom meeting to reflect on what all of you have learned throughout the year. If you are having trouble hosting a Zoom meeting, create a “Thank You” video instead and share the best things you learned from your sister school throughout the year.

Give Us Feedback

Congratulations on finishing the UNITE Global Sister School Network! We are so happy to provide these resources to you and we would love to hear how we did. Using the Google Form below, please give us feedback on the program and what we could do to improve for the next cycle. Thank you and congratulations!

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