Grades of Green’s New York City office recently participated in an Earth Day 5k Green Tour hosted by Earth Day Initiative. Our favorite stop was The Battery Urban Farm, where we started our tour bright and early in the drizzling rain. It’s an educational farm hidden in plain sight! The Battery Urban Farm is a great place for anyone to visit and especially for students to get hands-on learning. Ecosystems, native plants, pollinators, animal and insect camouflage, and water ecology are among the topics students can learn about amongst the rows of produce (vegetables, fruits, herbs, grains, and flowers) and oyster restoration stations. The food produced is donated to participating school cafeterias through the Garden to School Cafe Program.

Too far away to visit The Battery? Take on your school’s own Drought Tolerant Garden or taste new, fresh foods with a Farmer’s Market Meal — be sure to register your school so you can unlock these and all other 40+ activities.