When you’re spreading an environmental message, consider creating an eco-display or recycled art project. Visuals can be easier to understand than text or a verbal presentation.

For example, last April students from Manhattan Beach, CA went to their City Council to advocate for the banning of plastic straws. They spoke about the negative impact plastic straws, utensils, and polystyrene products have on our environment, such as harming human health and marine life. To drive the point home, one student event wore a suite made entirely out of used plastic straws! After a lively conversation, the City Council voted unanimously to move ahead with a ban on plastic utensils, stirrers and last but not least, straws.

Another student used the power of memes to encourage his middle school campus to use their new waste sorting stations. He created and posted cutouts of custom eco-themed memes of Grumpy Cat, Success Kid, and more on a display board near the waste sorting stations, and also included images of how wildlife is affected by pollution.  By the end of the school year, his school reduced their waste by 82%!

Looking for more inspiration on spreading environmental messages? Check out this digital art video by N2U to encourage people to transform the goods, move them around and create new “sculptures” to realize the value of all these objects and also become aware of the huge impact they have on their Ecosystem with those goods. Click here if you’re interested in having N2U create a work of art at your school or community.