Lush highlighted Grades of Green’s Trash Free Lunch Challenge and our mission to inspire and empower kids to care for the environment. Thanks to their sponsorship, Grades of Green was able to help schools across southern California reduce their lunchtime waste by an average of 70%! Read the full story by clicking here, or you can view a PDF version here.

Interested in signing your school up for the Trash Free Lunch Challenge? Email us at or call our office at (310) 607-0175 for more information!

From wetlands and wildlife to waste reduction and food rescue, guests at the 2017 LA Environmental Education Fair (LAEEF) learned about environmental resources from all over the Los Angeles region, enjoyed delicious food from food trucks, and even experienced live entertainment! Grades of Green joined in on the fun by hosting a booth with the Grades of Green Natural Resources matching game where guests matched manmade items to the natural resource it came from. Because the fair took place at the Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanic Garden, everyone was delighted by the beautiful scenery and great weather as well as the occasional peacock freely roaming around. Want to learn more about the environmental education resources Grades of Green provides? Check out our Trash Free Lunch Challenge and Youth Corps Eco-Leadership Program, or click here to register and unlock Grades of Green’s 40+ Activities!