Grades of Green is thrilled to receive a generous donation from our friends at LAcarGuy’s Subaru Pacific dealership of $22,951! Subaru Pacific selected Grades of Green as one of the local charities they would support in the 2016 Share The Love campaign. Each time a customer purchased a new Subaru from the dealership, they were given the opportunity to give $250 to one of Subaru’s selected charities. Grades of Green has been honored to be one of two local charities chosen for the past few years. Subaru has been partnering with Grades of Green since 2013. Through the Share the Love campaign, Subaru customers have donated a total of approximately $60,000, which helped inspire and educate over 20,000 to care for the environment. Grades of Green is thrilled to partner with LAcarGuy and Subaru Pacific, and we thank them for their continued support!