What is UPLIFT?

UPLIFT transforms districts by empowering school leaders to identify, coordinate, and accomplish district Green Goals. UPLIFT works closely with district personnel to identify appropriate programs and resources to support or supplement their sustainability/environmental education goals. These programs are deployed by a variety of campus users including teachers, after school coordinators, student clubs, FMO staff, and more! The use of Grades of Green’s programs as recommended through our UPLIFT Reports mobilize school communities and activates environmental projects across generations. We have the tools, mentorship, and resources, you have the campus power!


  • Deploying Grades of Green programs at your district activates your school community to support your district’s environmental education and sustainability goals.
  • Grades of Green’s NGSS aligned programs inspire Eco-Leaders of all ages to get involved! Participants develop lifelong leadership, project management, and community building skills with the bonus of addressing their school district’s environmental sustainability or education goals.
  • Each program module includes a civic engagement project that tangibly works towards mitigating negative climate effectors, meanwhile campus metrics are tracked and reported upon successful completion of each program year.
  • With 5 program areas and over 50 Eco-Toolkits, it can be tough to decide which Grades of Green path is best for your campus;
    • UPLIFT consults with school personnel to help them determine a plan that suits their campus needs & goals!
    • UPLIFT presents our pathway of programs to introduce your district to Grades of Green opportunities and answers any questions to get you started towards your Eco-Leadership!

Schedule an informational meeting to discuss your district’s Green Goals and alignment with Grades of Green’s program opportunities!

UPLIFT Resources

Resources for Districts: Check out these resources designed for district Eco-Leaders! Using these topic-specific resources, you can introduce sustainability or environmental education to your campus.

Sustainable District Resources


  • This handout contains an inventory of resources to support your campus waste campaign. Included are best practices for implementing waste sorting in your district, project ideas, and campus programs! 
  • This slide deck can be used to educate your campus users on waste sorting!
  • Check out even more Grades of Green’s Green Team Sorting Stations!

Environmental Justice


  • Get the dirt on compost with this handout! Learn about composting best practices and utilize this inventory of resources throughout your campaign. 
  • This slide deck can be used to educate your campus users on composting!

Edible Food Recovery & Donation

  • This handout provides an inventory of edible food recovery resources, rules, best practices, and recommended campus programs! Help your district’s organics and recycling efforts here. 
  • Slide Deck

California Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and Waste Laws SB 1383

Review UPLIFT’s Waste Resource Handout for programs to implement directly on campus!

Organics Campaign

Get started on your organics recycling journey with Grades of Green’s Organics Campaign Guide for Districts!

Organics Recycling Resources: California Users: Check out our Senate Bill 1383 resources for specific local education agency (LEA) requirements and Graces of Green’s recommended resources for establishing food recovery, lunchtime sorting, and composting on your campuses.

We want to hear from you! To keep our resources at no cost to school partners, please share your feedback so UPLIFT can continue providing the support schools need to get green!
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