Podcaster & Ecopreneur at Get Real With Alissa Stevens

Alissa Stevens is an Ecopreneur and the host of the “Get Real With Alissa Stevens” sustainability podcast, which has reached over 1 million worldwide. Having worked with companies such as Seventh Generation, World Wildlife Fund, Ericsson and more, she has shifted mindsets of consumers and businesses alike and created meaningful stakeholder dialogues to drive their impact missions forward. For her, sustainability is an opportunity to mobilize communities and have everyone win and thrive. She believes that knowledge + experiential learning is key to creating sustainable habits, and as such, Grades of Green’s hands-on, practical education is incredibly powerful for inspiring students (and their families) to take the future of our planet into their own hands. As a third-generation Manhattan Beach native, she is a California beach girl at heart. When not working to empower communities around the world, you can find her on the soccer field or planning her next travel adventure.