Gege began her career as a financial services regulator on Wall Street, with the mission to protect investors and promote market integrity. As the Risk & Compliance Director at S&P Global, Gege leads and oversees the compliance program for the Market Intelligence business, and provides strategic guidance to the C-suite executives. She has a decade of global regulatory, compliance, and audit experience in both public and private sectors.

As a first generation immigrant, Gege understands the importance of giving back to her community. She is deeply committed to her non-profit work with Apex for Youth to help underserved Asian and immigrant youth, where she discovered that by equipping young minds with the knowledge, skills, and sense of responsibility, these new generations of change-makers can drive positive environmental outcomes and inspire others to join the cause. As such, Gege is proud to support the mission of Grades of Green as she strongly believes that empowering students to become environmental leaders is one of the most powerful ways to create a lasting impact and ensure a sustainable future.

Gege holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and is currently obtaining her MBA with a focus in sustainable business & innovation from New York University. In her spare time, Gege enjoys travelling and loves almost all outdoor activities. She has visited 30 countries and hopes to add more to the list.