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Welcome Eco-Leaders to your Guidebook

Congratulations on taking a huge step towards solving the climate crisis! We can’t wait to join you in our NEW Climate Solutions Campaign! During the campaign, you or your team will work closely with a Grades of Green Advisor to develop and implement an environmental solution to an issue contributing to the climate crisis within your community. It may sound unbelievable that your project will help solve the climate crisis, but we’re here to tell you that you can make a BIG difference!

The most exciting part about the Climate Solution Campaign, other than ensuring a greener world? You have the chance to win up to $1,000 in Eco-Grants! Be sure to read all the information below to learn what it takes to win. Feel free to contact your advisor if you have any questions.

What’s the Guidebook?

This website! It’s filled with helpful info & it’s where you’ll answer questions to tell us all about your project!

The Campaign Path: Your Step-by-Step Guide

An Overview of the Campaign Process

Who’s Who


That’s you!

Team Facilitator

An adult volunteer who serves as a contact for a student team such as a teacher or parent.

Grades of Green Advisor

A Grades of Green staff member who provides expert and specialized advice to your team on planning and executing your project. They’re here to help you win!

When you see this icon, you’ve come to a place where it’s a good idea to check in with your Advisor. If you’re stuck, you can always click it to get your Advisor’s contact info.

Getting to Know You and Your Team

Let’s get started!  

 You can work on your own or with a team. If you want to start a team or want more members for your team, check out these helpful worksheets:  Recruiting a Team and Picking Leadership Roles

Once your team is set or you have decided to work on your own, the following two forms must be completed before you can start changing your community for the greener!

  1. Each student member of the team will need to have a parent or guardian complete the Consent & Permission Form to participate in Grades of Green’s Climate Campaign. 
  2. Each team must complete the “About Our Team” Form as a team (only one submission per team)! Your Team Facilitator can help you complete this form.

How it Works and What You’ll Do

It’s simple! You’ll go through the webpages of the Guidebook to learn about the climate crisis and how to take action. As you progress, the Guidebook will help you plan out your project. Your Advisor will help you along the way as you put your plan into action! The Guidebook will ask you questions about what you learned and about how your project is going. Remember: this is a contest! By participating and filling out those questions, you’ll earn points. At the end of the campaign, our judges will use your answers and your points to determine who wins our Eco-Grants!

Click here to see how the points are scored!

The Phases and Their Task Lists

The campaign is broken out into five Phases and each has a Task List to make the campaign manageable. Below, we’ve copied each Phase’s Task List, so you can click each Phase to see what to expect. The tasks with a are required and will earn points. The optional tasks will make your project better and can earn you bonus points, so make sure to complete as many as possible!

No need to worry if you get stuck or need help – your advisor is here for you every step of the way! Just look for the Advisor Icon and click for contact info. Take one step at a time, complete the tasks in a Phase, contact your Advisor and then your team can move onto the next phase with a new task list.

Get Ready | 3 weeks & 10 points 

  • Each team member’s parent or guardian fills out the Consent & Permission Form.
  • Team Planning
    • Form a team or chose to work alone. You can use the Recruiting a Team worksheet to help build your team.
    • Schedule a meeting day, time, and location (virtual is fine).
    • Set team communication method and how you’ll communicate with your Advisor. 
    • Brainstorm Leadership Roles.
  • Submit About Our Team Form – one submission per team.
  • Meet with Advisor and set your campaign meetings and timeline.
  • Attend “Welcome Webinar” on October 3rd or watch a video recording. Live attendance is encouraged.
    • Watch “Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye” Video
    • Watch “What is Environmental Justice?” Video

Phase 1 – Learn | 5 weeks & 15 points 

  • Watch the Climate Crisis Recap video (Earn a Bonus Point)
  • ✅ Watch the Climate Solutions Shark Tank Topic video.
  • ✅ Explore the Deep Dive on one or more topics.
    • Energy, Transportation, Food, Waste, and Trees  
  • ✅ Decide which topic to focus on for your project. Complete the “Phase 1.1 – Climate Solutions Topic” questions.
  • ✅ Create your team’s vision statement. Complete the “Phase 1.2 – Vision Statement” questions.
    • Get Bonus Points for being creative with your Vision Statement! 
  • Check in with your Advisor. 


Phase 2 – Pick Your Project | 3 weeks & 15 points 

Phase 3 – Create a Plan | 9 weeks total & 30 points

  • ✅ Pick your target audiences. Complete “Phase 3.1 – Target Audience” questions.
  • ✅Develop Key Messages for your Campaign. Complete “Phase 3.2 – Key Messages” questions.
  • ✅ Determine important parts of your Campaign. Complete the “Phase 3.3 – Communication Platforms & Strategies” questions.
  • Meet with your Advisor to develop processes for setting effective goals.. Complete the “Phase 3.4 – Effective Goal Statement” questions. 
  • ✅ Finalize your task list. Complete the “Phase 3.5 – Task List” questions.
  • Check in with Advisor .

Phase 4 – Take Action | 8 weeks & 15 points 

  • ✅ Participate in Mid-program/New Year webinar.  
  • ✅ Implement your task list including your communication strategies.
  • ✅ Document your work.
  • ✅ Submit your completed task list document to your advisor.
  • Check-in with Advisor. 

Phase 5 – Share Your Success | 3 weeks & 15 points

  • Meet with your Advisor to calculate your impact.
  • ✅ Calculate, compile, finalize, and submit your greenhouse gas impacts. Complete “Phase 5.1 – Measure Your Greenhouse Gas Impact” questions.
  • ✅ Calculate your advocacy reach. Complete “Phase 5.2 – Measure Your Advocacy Reach” questions.
  • ✅ Submit a project synopsis and all outreach materials. Complete and submit the “Phase 5.3 – Synopsis, Outreach and Eco-Grant” questions.
    • Get Bonus Points for creatively sharing your impact!
  • Check in with Advisor. 

Wrap-Up Phase | 2 weeks & bonus points 

✅ Each team member fills out a mandatory Post-Campaign Survey.  Complete the “Wrap Up Phase – Survey” questions.
✅ Showcase your team’s project at the Impactathon, a virtual or in-person expo.

Reminder that May 15th is the last day to submit any Campaign Materials on our website or to your Advisor

NEXT STEP: Watch the Welcome Webinar

Thanks to the nearly 100 students who joined us on Saturday, October 3rd, for our Welcome Webinar! It was so fun to hear from several of you and to get to tell you about the Climate Solutions Campaign. If you were unable to attend, please watch the recording of the Welcome Webinar below.

Make sure to watch the two videos we presented during the Welcome Webinar:

Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye

What is Environmental Justice?

Before starting Phase 1, please ensure that every student’s parent or guardian fills out the Consent & Permission Form. Once you’ve formed a team, also make sure that your team submits one About Our Team Form.  

NEXT STEP: Begin Phase 1.1 – Picking Your Topic

Click Here: Move on to Phase 1.1 – Picking Your Topic

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