Take a Tour

During this phase, you will meet with all of your SOAR peers, partner organizations, and your Grades of Green advisors. This is a professional setting so please dress and act accordingly. Once you tour each organization, you will then choose one organization to develop a sustainability plan. Please keep these questions in mind for each tour:

  • What about the organization in general sparked your interest?
  • What specific aspect of the tour did you find most compelling? 
  • What is this organization doing that is helping create a healthier environment?
  • Is there anything you want to know more about within this field? 
  • What can this organization change that can create a more eco-conscious atmosphere?
  • What is this organization’s main eco-dilemma? How can you solve it? 

You can view and answer these questions by completing the “SOAR Take a Tour Worksheet” located in the SOAR Resources Google Folder . To make a copy of the worksheet, click “File” and “Make a Copy.”

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