Analyze the Eco-Issues and Research Alternatives

Now that you’re in your group and have chosen an organization to work with, you can begin the first steps in creating your sustainability plan. First thing is to analyze the issues. A few questions to consider as a group:

  • What are the main eco-issues?
  • What can your group do to improve these eco-issues?
  • What environmental research do you need to do to make sure your eco-plan aligns with the ideals of the organization?

Main Task

Write down the main eco-issues and begin researching environmental alternatives. Make sure each member has a specific task to complete before your next meeting.

You can view and answer these questions by completing the “SOAR Analyze Issues and Research Alternatives Worksheet” located in the SOAR Resources Google Folder . To make a copy of the worksheet, click “File” and “Make a Copy.” Also, be sure to read the “How to Work Together” instructions as a group.

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