Present Your Sustainability Plan

Be prepared to present your sustainability plan to the entire SOAR team as well as the partner organizations. Your group will have 10 minutes to present your plan and how to implement it.  Be sure your presentation includes:

  • The eco-issue
  • The eco-solution
  • The research as to why this is better for the environment
  • The detailed instructions on how to implement the eco-solution

You are free to choose how you would like to showcase your presentation. Remember, you are presenting this to the partner organization.

Elements of a Good Presentation

  • Visually stimulating 
  • Straightforward
  • Can be easily followed
  • Keeps the audience engaged

Where Do You Go from Here?

Way to complete the SOAR program! There are many paths to choose from now. We’re here to help. 

Below are some resources that will guide you along your path:

Student Evaluation

Congratulations on finishing the SOAR Eco-Innovation Academy! We are so happy to provide these resources to you and we would love to hear how we did. Using the Google Form below, please give us feedback on the program and what we could do to improve for the next cycle. Thank you and congratulations!

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